Taqueria Marias Menu


Bisteck Asado   $8.95

Grilled tender thin steak

Bisteck Encebollado   $10.99

Tender thin steak slices sauteed w/onions

Bisteck A La Mexicana   $12.5

Steak slices sauteed w/onion, jalapena peppers & tomatoes spicy or mild

Bisteck En Salsa Verde   $12.5

Steak slices in a green Creole spicy sauce

Bisteck Ranchero   $13.99

Grilled steak served w/eatable cactus grilled jalapeno peppers & over easy eggs

Cesina Ranchera   $14.99

Grilled cowboy beef served w/Mexican cheese grilled cactus jalapeno peppers & salad

Carne Asada   $14.99

12 oz shell steak grilled to perfection

Carne Encebollada   $15.95

12 oz Shell Steak grilled & topped w/fried onions

Carne Asada Combinacion   $16.95

Grilled T-Bone served w/fried plantains or sweet platains, rice & beans

Carne Asada Y Camarones Combo   $17.99

12 oz Steak with 4 grilled shrimp

Milaneza De Res   $12.99

Beef cutlet beef steak breaded w/our traditional bread crumbs